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Bullet Resistant

Producing glass that’s designed to save lives is a responsible business. Trend Glass Technologies’ flat and curved ballistic resistant glass (also known as bullet proof glass or bullet resistant glass) and blast proof glass panels are manufactured to the highest possible international standards, providing safety and security for people working or travelling in high-risk environments.

Chemically toughened and laminated anti-attack glass combines great strength with optical clarity, making it perfect for use in situations which require personnel to be visible but protected. This includes screens for bank staff and podium protection for high-profile speakers in vulnerable locations.

Glass is manufactured to exacting quality control standards, its laminated structure designed to absorb the impact of a projectile and disperse its energy within the panel.

Trend’s specialist glass can be incorporated into the design and construction of bullet proof and blast proof vehicles, including limousines for dignitaries, cash transfer vehicles, military and peace keeping vehicles in conflict zones.

Applications also include security screens and windows in post offices, buildings societies, betting shops, airports, petrol filling stations and cash desks.