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Glass Finishes

Trend Glass Technologies offers bespoke decorative glass and glazing solutions that bring to life the most imaginative concepts of designers and architects.

Uses for custom-made decorative glass range from signage and wall panels to room dividers and doors. Made in flat or curved forms, glass may be printed with special ceramic inks as part of the manufacturing process to incorporate text and images with fine detail.

Decorative glass can feature logos to reinforce corporate branding, and may be designed to complement imaginative architectural lighting schemes. Back-lit glass feature walls and panels look particularly stunning.

All decorative glass production and finishing is undertaken on-site by Trend, including moulding, etching, polishing, drilling holes, laminating and the thermal and chemical toughening processes. This total manufacturing control ensures that there is no compromise on quality or customer service.

Our engineers work closely with architects and designers to advise on the perfect glass solution for particular applications, including glass reception features, information boards, table tops, splashbacks, artistic wall panels, ceiling features and roof designs.